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Monday, 21 December 2009


UK Trials of PLX4032 are at Oxbridge

The Oxford Cancer Centre and Addenbrooks in Cambridge are both conducting Phase 1 trials of the PLX4032/RO4987655 "superdrug" for patients with advanced MM.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


"Melanoma Code Cracked"

Just in case you hadn't heard, CRUK have sequenced a complete melanoma genome, and found 33,000 mutations, confirming the "multi-hit" nature of cancer causation. More.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009



A fellow melanoma patient asked me this week about the UK trial of a new anti-melanoma drug, a MEK inhibitor called RO4987655. Here's a clinical trial in the UK of the drug. The drug gave complete remission in an animal study, and side-effects are not too bad. It has a similar mode of action to the PLX4032 drug which is giving such hope. Sounds worth a shot.

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Etienne Callebout

A concerned friend of a melanoma patient has written to me to ask about naturopathy in general and a naturopath called Etienne Callebout in particular. Of course naturopathy is little more than systematised quackery, but let's have a quick look at the things Callebout's publicity says he uses to treat cancer:

Aloe vera-Quackery
Amygdalin (laetrile)- Quackery
Bovine cartilage - Quackery
DMSO - Quackery

- you get the idea.

Wobe-Mugos enzymes - worthless
Glandulars - senseless
Green tea can be a nice drink, but does not cure cancer.
Iscador -is a trade name for mistletoe extract which "has no proven benefit and can cause harm"
Flaxseed oil - extremely questionable
Maitake - extremely questionable
Shark cartilage - Quackery
Homeopathic remedies - there are no such things

A quick glance over the 'net shows that these are just a small selection from Callebout's extensive arsenal of nice little earners. Cancer Patients Beware!

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