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Sunday, 23 May 2010


Katies Midnight Walk 3

Katie Taylor who died 17th June 2008 aged 15 from Malignant Melanoma, the most serious and deadly form of Skin Cancer. Katie was never a sun worshipper, nor used tanning salons. We aim to raise funds into the research and development of awareness and a cure for this form of cancer. The Saturday closest to the 17th June each year we will hold a 5 mile sponsored walk, at Midnight, as planned by Katie before her death to fund this research. The Midnight Walk is well attended, and supported by many people - help to raise awareness by adding this link to your emails and blogs.

This year's KMW is on 19th June. Donate here.


Saturday, 15 May 2010


NHS Evidence

New NHS skin cancer evidence website is here. Not just MM, but some interesting stuff in there.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Julian Lieb M.D.

I have received a few emails from someone claiming to be Julian Lieb M.D. His ranty style makes it hard to believe he is a professor of medicine (psychiatric speciality), but apparently he is. Here's an example of his off-putting style from one of the emails he sent me
"Check “antidepressants” and “MM” in Medline or Pubmed. I remember one positive in vitro study. Know what vitamins do? Vitamins are needed in trace amounts as cofactors for enzymes. Know how often “prostaglandins” are mentioned in the lay and medical media? Know what it feels like to have a gatekeeper say,” I’ll give it a read, and maybe show it to our board.”
He tells me I have a moral duty to share with my readers his belief that antidepressants cure aids, cancer, and more or less everything else.

He's given me some links to what look to be non-peer reviewed opinion pieces from him on the subject in the scientific press, which I will look into as soon as things quieten down.

My initial enquiries have yielded reports from other scientists that they have also been contacted by the professor, and they think he is a little obsessed with his pet theory (the prof doesn't like it being called that)

Doesn't mean that he is wrong, but there are worrying signs here.

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