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Thursday, 30 May 2013


Checking In

Prompted by an email from Mark in the US, a long term Stage IV melanoma survivor (thanks to Zelboraf) who has been writing to me for a while, I thought I'd update the blog.

I've got a new job in a local University, which I have being doing alongside most of my old job, so I have been wildly busy for the last couple of years.

I've dropped most of my melanoma care, as nothing has shown despite a number of scares which I have related on here. I'm going to a yearly appointment which I have kept on at the London hospital which gave me my SNB  in Autumn.

My armpit where they removed the lymph modes feels a bit swollen recently, but I've though that before and its turned out to be nothing. Its hard to remember where the lumps from scar tissue are supposed to be, and at worst it's probably a seroma or lymphoedema.

I'm considering going to the docs if it doesn't sort itself out soon, but I'm not as panicky now after all the scares I've had, especially now there are some drugs and other treatments which can help MM patients.

I got a message from "That's Life" magazine recently. If you are a woman who'd like them to feature your MM story, contact me (apparently the only way men can feature in That Life is on the Aren't Men Daft page. They are willing to pay for your story. Follow the first link above to get an idea of the line they are likely to take.


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