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Friday, 5 September 2008


Gerson, Supplements and Vitamins

I've just been over to the US Melanoma Patients Information Page to publicise the site. Whilst the main site has much good and fairly up-to-date information, I would never send anyone to the bulletin board, as there is a lot of unchallenged mumbo-jumbo on there.

I was particularly disgusted to see communications from the Gerson Institute, and the contact address of their staff on the BB, along with testimonials from the poor mugs they have cheated for their worthless "treatment". Gerson Treatment has no proven effect on MM, even if we are willing accept the clinic's own data.

I also saw much discussion of worthless, and in some cases harmful supplements and vitamins. Patients who had taken them were acting as if they were experts, making claims that they knew the precise temperature at which the enzymes in noni juice which cure cancer were deactivated, when no-one has ever shown that these enzymes exist, or that they affect cancer.

It isn't my job to regulate MPIP, but until they regulate themselves, the bulletin board is a very dangerous place for anyone not possessed of the facts about these alternative approaches.


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