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Monday, 20 April 2009



Wow, I've noticed an astonishing increase in efficiency in the time taken to remove spam and promoters of quackery on the What Now site this morning, though spam has laid on the site all weekend as the admins seemed to need a bit of a rest.

I personally saw no sign of them all weekend. Site traffic seems to have dropped radically, looks like those people weren't making empty threats about leaving. The moderators have upset more people than I ever did, but who is going to ban them?

Cranberry guy and his friend the supposed nurse's initial posts lasted less than two hours, despite no sign of a flag on the post. The admins have gone from a minimum of three days from flagging to deletion to deleting stuff before it is even flagged. If only they had had anything like this efficiency previously, I'd never have been banned. Of course, as of writing they have missed one of his posts, as well as a few other things which have sneaked in recently.

Might this be something to do with my complaint landing on the Chief Exec's desk this morning?

Oh, and on the cranberry issue, the posting contains the following misinformation:

1. The effect was only shown in the test tube

2. It wasn't to do with taking both drug and juice at once

3. It made no claims for blueberry juice

4. It made no claims for taxol, only platinum based drugs

5. The authors of the study have published nothing new on the subject since their original paper, a likely sign that as with so many test tube effects, the effect was not apparent in animals.

6. At the time of the original study, the authors cautioned patients as follows: "The study is experimental and ...patients with ovarian cancer should always consult with their physicians before trying any type of anti-cancer therapy"

Of course if I was on the WN site, this information would be below the post, instead of here, but I do what I can...

My wife is keeping an eye on things, but she won't be posting corrections, don't want her getting banned too...

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