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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


What Now Update

I see the admins on Macmillan's are working harder than they ever have. The post recommending Gerson therapy for example was firstly contradicted, and finally deleted in fairly short order. If they had half this effectiveness before they were forced to take on board the guidelines on promotion of quackery by my bringing the rubbish job they were doing to the attention of their supervisors, I'd still be on the board today.

Of course without those on the What Now board who are flagging the posts, the admins would be entitled to do nothing under the site's policy of reactive moderation. If you don't complain, they don't do anything. Thanks to all of you.

Contrary to what some on the site think, if the promotion of quackery on the site is effectively prevented, I'm quite happy. If the admins do what I would have done (albeit with a bit less style), job's a good un.

For those who have suggested that I just make up a new username and go back on the site, please note that this would give them an excuse to ban me as a clear breach of the rules. My IP address will make it clear to them that I'm a duplicate of a banned member. I do know technical ways round this, but how long will it take them to guess that it's me?

I'm presently appealing to their chief exec to try and get back on What Now on the basis that I have done nothing wrong, and should be able to come back on the same terms as anyone else. The appeal process takes about a month.

I have to be seen to be whiter-than-white, just as the admins have to make it look like the site does not need the input which I used to make.

Fingers crossed and hope to see you back soon
Peta x
Cheers Peta,

thanks for the support!

good luck with the appeal seanty, hope to see you soon!
Thanks LG...
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