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Thursday, 16 April 2009


What Now!

I have been banned from the Macmillan What Now site as a result of complaining about the poor standard of moderation. Spam has proliferated, technical difficulties abound, and promoters of quackery have been protected from the necessary robust criticism

I will write more on this later. In the meantime, I will be writing my usual Wednesday blogs on here. Anyone on What Now who wants them to appear on there only has to link to them. I'll be able to write exactly what I want on here, without having to try and accommodate the What Now moderators constantly proliferating new rules, applying only to me.

Of course I won't be there to flag the quacks and their dupes to the admins. You'll have to do that for yourselves, unless I manage to get reinstated, which presently seems a little unlikely, as the admins are making up stories to justify banning me. It'll be a bit embarrassing to have me back now.

Hi there!
Logged on and waiting in anticipation!
Hi Peta.

I'll be interested to know what the admins claim in their chat this afternoon. I've warned them that I may sue if they slander me.

My complaint to their Chief Exec. has gone out this morning.
Missed the chat or at least thiught I had as I was at the hosspital all afternoon. Just signed in and saw that Admin cancelled it! You still have loads of support as no doubt you have been reading.
I am feeling a bit rough at the moment and thick headed as just finished my first week of treatment chemo and radio. Not even up to blogging right now!
Take care
Thanks for thinking of me when you are feeling rough, peta. Hope the side-effects wear off soon...
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