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Thursday, 7 May 2009


Thomas Lodi

Another poster on What Now has passed on the irresponsible claims of a "Dr" Lodi about chemotherapy.

Legal threats on behalf of Lodi prevent me from commenting further than to say that Mr Lodi is presumably seeking only to promote the oxidative, chelation, homoeopathic, and other quack therapies he offers at his private clinic by his attacks on proven conventional treatments. His motivation is therefore financial.

His profoundly unhelpful and scientifically unjustified claims that doctors would not themselves have the treatments they give to patients were published in "Get Fresh" magazine.

This publication looks like a harmless health and beauty mag, but seems to actually be a slick propaganda sheet pushing the raw food quack diet, and seemingly all other forms of dietary alternative medicine.

This is not a reliable source of scientific or medical information. I wouldn't even trust its beauty tips.

They have been reported to their local trading standards department and the The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency for what appears to be a clear breach of the Cancer Act, which prohibits anyone from making claims to be able to heal cancer of the sort they do on their website.

"Dr" Lodi is out of reach in the US, but these muppets are in the UK, and bound by our laws.

There is no alternative therapy which can strengthen the immune system. I'm sorry that anyone has been given false hope, or distressed by the false claims of a quack and a worthless magazine, but that's the truth.

Don't believe me? Ask Paul Merton's wife. Oh that's right, you can't, because she tried to beat cancer with the power of nutrition and positive thinking, and is consequently dead.

I think Gary38 is being a little too kind in describing this as "unproven" on the WN site, when "total and complete bollocks" might be more accurate, but sometimes it's hard to know which description is more convincing to the audience.

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Seanty, you're an idiot.
Devastating criticism indeed.
and beside devastating critisism and also being idiotic, please do (much) more research before writing so many ignorant words cause it makes you look pathetic and if you had the slightest idea on what Lodi is doing, you would embrace and thank him.
I have read everything published by a credible source on what Lodi is doing. He appears to be offering worthless quack "cures" to the desperately ill.

I have to assume by "research" you mean uncritically believing the groundless claims of internet quacks, unless you would like to point me towards some peer-reviewed scientific papers which I missed?
Thought not...
Doctor Thomas Lodi is responsible for the death of my mother. She developed breast cancer and had a lumpectomy and a lymph node dissection. She then went to Lodi and miraculously went into remission. Five years later it was back in her lymph nodes and she went straight to the Oasis without and traditional treatment. 6 months later she died a horrifically painful death partially due to the cancer itself and an experimental homeopathic treatment called BX. BX destroyed her body and only served to speed up her death. Rather than prescribe proven treatments to help her while she was still well enough to fight it. Her doctor presented this unproven magic shot. The Oasis of Healing killed my mother.
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