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Wednesday, 13 May 2009


What Now!

I got the results of my complaint back from the Chief Exec. of Macmillan today.

He has backed the moderators' dodgy interpretation of the site's rules, and endorsed their decision to ban me. This seems to be based on complaints from just three people!

It's clear that all of the messages of support for me sent to the moderators were just fobbed off with a standard response. If you want to protest, blog on the site about it, writing to the administrators is a waste of time, they couldn't care less what the site users want. How a couple of healthy journalism graduates in their twenties are supposedly qualified to know what mostly far older cancer patients want, need, or should be exposed to is a mystery to me.

The site now comprises largely people posting old jokes, and {{hugz}} fests. Lots of requests for technical information are going unanswered. People are posting questions about supposed new chemo regimes, promoting the quack regimes of struck-off doctors, and remaining ill-informed. They don't need those new rules to make it more child-friendly, it's infantile aready.

I'm not sure that I've lost yet, but I'm pretty clear that it's a rigged game. I am considering my options. All I can do from here is report them to the Charities Commissioners, or go to the press.


Genuine question. Is it the factual content, your style, or something else about your contributions that is considered unsuitable for the forums?

If you know this, then we might be able to assist you in developing a way forward.

Best regards
Hi Gary,

You can email me at

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