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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Cancer Chat

I hadn't realised before now that Cancer Research UK's site had a cancer chat section called Cancer Chat. Looks like they have also recently had a controversial banning incident. I've joined today, if anyone from What Now would like to join me there...

Of course being part of CRUK, there is very tight control of any promotion of quackery, though What Now seems if anything overzealous in stomping on any alternative medicine promoters and their dupes nowadays...

This hasn't stopped people from attempting to plug zeolite and propolis on there mind, or claims being made that the dairy-free "Plant Diet" can slow cancer.

Professor Plant, the originator of the diet is not a professor of medicine, or even biology. She is a geologist. She makes great play of her scientific credentials in publicity, but she has no relevant qualifications in nutrition, medicine, or any related field. She knows about rocks. This is just another cancer patient's anecdote turned into a money-spinning series of books.

Her book claims that she repeatedly cured herself of cancer by elimination of dairy produce from her diet. Any claim that the remission of her cancer was caused by her new diet rather than the conventional treatment she also received is a logical fallacy, as any scientist should know. And of course, if she had actually cured herself, she wouldn't have had to do it repeatedly.

The evidence with respect to dairy and cancer is far from conclusive. The most recent studies suggest it it actually protective with respect to bowel cancer, and found no association with breast cancer.

This peer-reviewed scientific evidence trumps any amount of personal anecdotes from people with cancer who changed their diet whilst having proven medical treatment, and then attributed not dying to the diet.

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