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Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Vegetarianism is NOT proven to lower cancer risk

You might have heard on the news today that a vegetarian diet leads to a lower risk of cancer. That's not what the authors of the paper actually said, despite the lead author being a member of the vegetarian society, and all of the veggies in the study being recruited from the same society. See here.

"The results presented in this study are simply descriptive of the incidence of cancer in fish eaters and vegetarians relative to meat eaters. More detailed analyses of individual cancer sites are needed to explore, for example, whether the differences observed might be linked to particular types of meat or to other dietary or lifestyle characteristics of non-meat eaters that were not adjusted for in the current analysis."

The survey fails to detect the established link between meat and colorectal cancer, but instead claims a link to certain blood cancers. It does however admit that it may have failed to adequately control for factors other than diet.

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I agree. All Hindu women are vegetarian, yet they are showing increasing cancer trends. (see below)

Reliable data from the Bombay Cancer Registry show an increase in the age-adjusted incidence rate of breast cancer in women from 17.9 to 24.9 per 100,000 population. These findings were also applicable to the subgroup of Hindus (70% of the population) who show a significant increase in breast cancer over this period . However, the Muslim and Christian subgroups were found to have stable rates
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