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Saturday, 8 August 2009


"German New Medicine"

Here's a new one on me, which was being promoted on Cancer Chat by someone calling themselves "javamate"- Hamer's New Medicine, aka German New Medicine.

Admins removed the content quickly, which advocated cancer patients stopping conventional treatment in favour of GNM, originated by a "Dr." Ryke Geerd Hamer.

The poster subsequently came back on the board whining in a self-pitying way about being censored, as if they had an inalienable right to promote what amounts to expensive suicide to cancer patients with lies.

Here's the truth of the matter-"Dr" Hamer was barred from practising medicine, and has since twice served substantial prison sentences for medical malpractice, involving the deaths of several patients he "treated" whilst barred from practice.

The parents of a child he "treated" also served eight month prison sentences for letting him treat their child, leading to her death.

I think it fair to conclude that Dr Hamer is a quack of the first degree. See the link for a detailed explanation of why from a specialist cancer surgeon. Or this one for what the Swiss authorities found.

Could there be a clearer case of quackery? Yet it seems that once again those who have been duped subsequently become willing accomplices to the scam.

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