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Monday, 17 August 2009


Zen Oxygen

Someone mentioned "Zen Oxygen" on the WN board this morning as another miracle immune booster, and Carol B suggested that the poster looked at my blog for answers. I'll take that as a cue.

"Zen Oxygen" is nothing to do with Zen, that's just one of the words marketing people stick onto names to make them sound all mysterious and oriental. Zen just means "meditation".

What "Zen oxygen" actually is, is oxygen enriched air with more than a faint aroma of bullshit.

The promotor's website has a long screed making all sorts of claims, backed by all sorts of supposed doctors, and quotes from beauty magazines. Its claims are unworthy of detailed consideration, because of the following basic facts:

1. Does breathing high oxygen concentrations boost the immune system or otherwise promote health? Afraid not, on the contrary, is increases the amount of free radicals in the body, promoting tissue damage and possibly cancer.

2. Oxygen therapy is not novel, but has played a major part in the inglorious history of quackery. We know all about it. It does not work. It is quackery. End of.

If a cancer patient wanted to do something proactive, as well as taking what conventional medicine offers, moderate exercise would be a good place to start, especially in natural surroundings. Research suggests this may well both boost mood, and reduce the chance of recurrence.

Or you could actually try Zen, the real kind rather than the marketing version. Evidence suggests that it may help cancer patients to handle the stress.

Of course both of these things involve a bit of hard work, rather than being a product which you can buy....

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