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Wednesday, 23 September 2009



Another snappy blog title...There's a new trial of the promising drug formerly known as PLX4032 or RG7204, now known as RO5185426, as Hoffmann-Roche have a collaboration agreement with the original developer (Plexxikon)

There is a phase 2 trial just started, details here. It is encouraging that this is a phase 2 trial, but they haven't published the results of the previous Phase 2 trial yet.

It's looking reasonably hopeful, as I reported back in June., and there are a couple of people on the melanoma board hoping to go on the trial.

New results for the Phase 1 extension trial are more hopeful still than the initial phase 1 trial I reported on earlier. 70% response rate (compared with about 15% for the standard treatment), one complete response (cure), and an approximate average of 30% tumour shrinkage. Other treatments have looked good at this stage, so let's not get over-excited, but looking good so far.

When viewing the response rate, it should be borne in mind that if your tumours do not have a mutation (
BRAFV600E ) which is present in 50% of melanomas, you won't get the drug, so it is only perhaps twice as good as the standard treatment in terms of response rates. The manufacturer are developing a test kit for the mutation alongside the drug to screen for people it might help.

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