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Friday, 26 March 2010


BRAF Inhibitors

I hear a rumour from fellow patients that GSK's "me-too" BRAF inhibitor is better than PLX4032. It seem that this is partly because of the account given by this MM patient as to the lack of a complete cure given by PLX4032.

I have heard a few other anecdotal accounts from patients on BRAF trials of this nature, but these do not contradict the previous trials at all. Only a very few people in the initial trials got a complete response. Whilst overall response was way higher than for the gold standard DTIC, this is a promising cancer drug. The very best cancer drugs we have for any cancer cure a tiny fraction, and give others a bit more time, ideally with a reasonable quality of life.

Back when I was diagnosed there was just DTIC, with its 15% response rate, and no chance of a cure. Now we may have a number of drugs with up to a 60% response rate and a small chance of a cure. Progress has seemingly been made.

We can't tell a thing from internet anecdotes in the meantime, other than the drugs aren't a complete bust so far. I can remember some promising-looking drugs which anecdotes made clear in short order were not going to hit the mark.

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