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Friday, 26 March 2010


Weasel Words

Another illiterate quacktard has written in, to plug his overpriced fruit drink as a cure for cancer, and complain semi-incoherently about my treatment of killer quack Tullio Simoncini as follows:

"Now that's typical of you to discharge accomplishments. It is common knowledge about the pH balance in the body promotes an acidic or alkaline environment. Cancer CANNOT exist in a alkaline rich and oxygen rich environment. Legally we as practitioners cannot claim a cure, but the evidence is overwhelming. You on the other hand, leave no name nor any of your credentials. "The comment's author links to his quack products site, hoping that I'm going to send cancer patients there to be fleeced.

I'm not sure what "discharge accomplishments" means. Any suggestion that Simoncini has achieved anything other being struck off as a doctor, and killing desperately ill people is news to me. Can anyone offer objective evidence to suggest that Simoncini has achieved anything other than enriching himself at the expense of the desperate?

Neither am I aware of evidence that it is common knowledge that the pH balance in the body promotes an acidic or alkaline environment. Whatever common opinion might be, expert opinion is that the commenter's statement is confused nonsense.

"Legally we as practitioners cannot claim a cure, but the evidence is overwhelming." That sounds like you are in fact claiming a cure. If you were in the UK, that would be a criminal offence.

Someone who is attempting to sell overpriced fruit-juice to cancer patients with a promise it will cure them describing themselves as a "practitioner" also seems a new low to me, in a field already lower than snake-shit. Congratulations!

The evidence is in fact underwhelming in the extreme to scientists and qualified medical practitioners. Unless someone would like to offer scientific evidence in support of the acid/alkaline theory of disease?

As far as withholding my name is concerned, I have no wish to be subject to further legal harassment by libel tourists acting on behalf of quacks. I am a cancer patient, and harassing me just shows how callous quacks are.

I make no claims to personal medical expertise, but merely link to the opinion of those who are qualified.

Look, stupids-either show me the evidence which backs your outlandish claims in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, or expect your ill-informed comments to be either simply rejected or held up to public ridicule.

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