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Friday, 19 March 2010


What needs to be added?

Some insane and illiterate comments I have received recently (web addresses deleted) in support of Tullio Simoncini and another quack are worthy of reproduction:


Do you have any evidense that what you say is true? Are you a doctor that profits from melanoma patients?I have spoken with several people who have cured their melanoma with the Iodine solution.The theroy should not matter if the therapy works, and cost almost nothing, and The Itakian doctor makes no profit from teaching pateints. Logic shows that you are the quack who seeks to protect your profits by such claims without any merit.

I can find no facts to be true from you, what I have researched is that Dr simoncini had tried to help a cancer patient who was in very late stage cancer and was in very bad condition because of chemotherapy. He did not have the chance to try therapy because the patient had died trying to recover from the chemotherapy. Dr. Josewph Gold has been put through almost the same attcks by the Cancer industry, Ifeel very sorry for the Doctors who are attacked by corrupt people like you ( for profit cancer Doctor)

Iodine treatment for Melanoma is almost free and Dr. Simoncini makes no money for this help. Are you a cancer doctor that is theatened by this free cure? You can still find work in Mcdonalds

Perhaps something does need to be added. The Dr. Gold mentioned by the nutter is the main proponent of hydrazine sulphate treatment of cancer, despite all of the evidence showing it to be of no benefit. He is a real doctor, hasn't been convicted of killing anyone (though there has been a death as a result of hydrazine treatment). I can see clear blue water between someone like Dr. Gold who is arguably merely mistaken, and an unrepentant killer like Simoncini.

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