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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Just goes to show...

With a large number of phone calls, (mostly to people who were more concerned with making sure doctors weren't bothered by patients than helping them) I have managed to get my CT moved forward to tomorrow, and my consultant appointment moved to Monday, shortening my wait for results by more than two weeks.

Too much of the NHS is run for the benefit of its staff: my local hospital, (still apparently bearing a grudge from back when I insisted on an SNB against their recommendation) refused to help. They threw me off their books for this transgression, I only sneaked back on through the help of their specialist nurse. They aren't good, but they are local...

My slightly less local, but supposedly slightly better University hospital have also been dreadful. When I asked a question about something on my X-ray, I was given the answer "because that's how X-rays are", querying which resulted in repetition of the answer only slightly louder and clearer. I teach at the University this hospital is attached to - "Because" is not an appropriate answer to give any adult!  The professor's secretary offered to get him to call me about a question I had twice. No call both times.

My big, anonymous London hospital bears no grudges, and aren't too small or too grand to give me an immediate appointment, though they don't always answer the 'phone, or remember what they told you.

Local hospitals made it quite clear that they think I'm trying to queue-jump, and my doctors won't even talk to me. Won't even explain to me why if the Prof. says he's worried, he's not worried enough to get a test done in less than a a month, let alone being able to deliver on their promise of getting the apparently God-like Prof. to call me personally to explain or set my mind at rest. I speak to Professors every day- what's so special about this one? Grr.


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