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Monday, 18 October 2010


Waiting over

Results are in, CT scan was clear. What was also clear is that my local hospitals are rubbish at working together, they both claimed it was the other one's job to help me when push came to shove. I'm going to drop the Prof., as his performance was the most disappointing of the two, and the other hospital is more local (though uncaring, incompetent and unprofessional). What a shower!

The Prof. called me at 6:30 PM (to give me the results of the scan I had arranged for myself, and had already arranged for someone else to tell me that morning, as he had ignored the four messages I left for him), so I got to drop him in person. He confirmed that he had thought that there was a fair chance that my MM had returned, but said that if it had, what's the rush, it wasn't like it would make a difference to the outcome. I paraphrase, but that is what he said.

I refrained from saying "well, it makes a F***ing difference to me". But it does.

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