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Wednesday, 29 December 2010


A quacktard writes

I've had the following attempted comment over on my Tullio Simoncini post:

"Someone obviously needs to do more research and perhaps brush up on their high school chemistry and biology. The human body will only remain healthy if it has the proper PH balance, and that is all Sodium Bicarbonate does is raise the level of the PH, which does not allow for any bacteria, virus or fungi to thrive. "

Fantastic! The commentator is under the impression that they understand basic biology and chemistry better than I do. He is also under the impression that a bit of bicarb raises the pH of the human body so radically that it kills all bacteria, fungi and viruses without harming the person involved, and clearly implies that killing these organisms kills cancer.  On his planet, Rennies kill cancer, because cancer is a fungus, and fungi are killed by alkali.  

So let's have a look at this idea. The highest pH at which I can see a report of fungi growing, is 11.2. Now that's a bit of a problem there, straight away. If bicarb really could get your body's pH to 11.3 you'd be dead. Having blood pH over 7.45 is a medical condition called alkalosis, get much above that and you're toast. So if bicarb really could increase pH to the range which kills fungi, the patient would be long dead by the time you got there.

But can adding bicarbonate of soda really get you to that pH? Nope. It is only a weak alkali, solutions have a maximum pH only around 8. So bicarb will only elevate pH to around 1 unit from neutral, whereas some fungi can survive at pH 11+ (It is perhaps worth mentioning that pH is not a straight line scale, such that pH 11 is 1000 times as big as pH 8)

So, even if the human body's highly effective system for preventing alkalosis of the blood didn't exist, it simply is not chemically possible for bicarb to kill all fungi. And if it were? Cancer is not a fungus. Duh.

He's right about one thing though "Someone obviously needs to do more research and perhaps brush up on their high school chemistry and biology" I'm however not that someone, hope this helped anyone who did need a brush-up.

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