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Saturday, 26 March 2011


Dr. Julian Lieb flips out again

I think my latest email from psychiatrist-turned-amateur-oncologist Julian Lieb speaks for itself:

Claude Bernard noted that people whose “minds are bound and cramped” disdain opposing theories because they do not want to discover anything that might disprove their own. Bernard referred to them as “despisers of their fellows,” corrupting results that support their rivals, thus falsifying the facts.

It is the human and ethical right of every patient, physician and citizen, to receive medical information without any interference, second guessing, reevaluation, modification, editorializing, corruption, or delay. Your disparaging comments are immediately encountered upon Googling, thus corrupting my entire research output, and corrupting human and ethical rights on a gigantic scale. You have permanently damaged my reputation, and deprived an incalculable number of cancer sufferers, of their human and ethical rights, of which these are the most important. It is in your best interests to eradicate every detail of our relationship, and apologize to those whose human and ethical rights you corrupted. You did not have the right to corrupt my innovation, stigmatize me, and corrupt my human and ethical rights..

I advise you to terminate all of your internet activities, and never use it again to disseminate your opinions, positive or negative, about any health related issue. Many physicians are deeply concerned about rampant medical corruption on the internet, of which this is a prime example. 

He's banned me from the internet! Glad to hear I am so effective. If only.

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