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Sunday, 13 March 2011


Rigvir again

In Latvia, you can buy lab-modified highly infectious childhood meningitis viruses over the counter in the chemist (and for all I know, the newsagent) with unsubstantiated claims of effectiveness against melanoma. This product, untested for safety or effectiveness, is called Rigvir. "Inga" writes (probably from the office of Rigvir's publicists):

"Sorry if I'm wrong, Seanty, but you are trying so hard to “destroy” Rigvir that it makes me think you have been paid by someone to do so. I wonder who might that have been. Oncovex?"

Be sorry then, Inga, because you are wrong on all counts.

"Nevertheless, it's great you post your opinion, but why do you slender the facts? Let's see - Rigvir has been registered in a member state of the EU, that's a fact. This fact proves that Rigvir has gone through ALL 3 PHASES of clinical trials. Cancer patients should be allowed to decide for themselves on the efficiency of some medicine, but they should not be given wrong information, agree?"

First let's remove the wrong information from your own communication, Inga - Rigvir has not been subjected to a phase 1 clinical trial, let alone passed all three. Latvia's medical system is (to put it politely) not quite as formal as those in the more developed EU countries. That you can buy an untested virotherapy over the counter in pharmacies tells you everything you need to know about medical regulatory standards in Latvia. If it passes clinical trials, Oncovex is not going to be found next to the tampons in Superdrug.

Then there is the question you raise of whether of cancer patients should judge for themselves on the efficiency of cancer medicines. Though I understand you have your own ways on Latvia, over here in civilisation we have doctors for that. It's quite tricky you see, even if you aren't making the decision under threat of death.

A quick look around the internet shows the results of letting frightened unqualified people choose their own treatment for life-threatening illnesses. They get ripped off by bloodsucking scum like your employer, then they die. Other than that it's a great idea, obviously.

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