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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Rigvir- she couldn't let it lie

Inga the Rigvir publicist has been kind enough to write again:

Well, this obviously is a one-man-show. Seanty – the utmost expert in all cancer medicines, and a professional guide to Latvia's medical system. :) The one and only voice of truth from the depths of civilization.

You place a link to a U.S. Clinical Trials website. Why?! What does this link have to do with a medicine which is registered in Latvia?! You won't find RIGVIR in the U.S., Turkey's, Ukraine's, or any other country's clinical trials' sites, and you don't have to spend your precious time trying to prove it. RIGVIR went through all clinical trials in L A T V I A.

By the way, what is this disdain towards my country? Sounds like you're having some personal issues which have nothing to do with objective evaluation of RIGVIR. What next? You will try to force that everyone should eat at McDonald's just because it's the American way?

I will not involve in this again so enjoy your incompetent babbling about civilization, highly infectious viruses, medical systems, clinical trials, untested virotherapy(?!) and so on and so forth.
She also put three links to her employer's quack promotion sites at the end, presumably in the hope that I would be stupid enough to post them up. Duh.

But she has questions: so let's answer them: Why did I post a link to the US clinical trials site, showing no mention of Rigvir? Because if you want to sell a medical treatment worldwide, you register your trial there-but it's not just that Rigvir hasn't been tested to international standards. I can see no evidence that Rigvir has ever been subjected to any clinical trials at all, in Latvia or elsewhere. The dross they list on their publicity site is not reports of clinical trials against melanoma or anything else, or even papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. It constitutes far more trivial claims, which were never checked by third parties, made twenty years ago.

So, it is untested. It is a virotherapy. It is an untested virotherapy. Fact.

Rigvir is an ECHO virus,  so the claim that it is of  a type which is both highly infectious and responsible for many cases of childhood meningitis is factual.

Why the disdain toward Latvia? Well, joking aside, it's quite a focussed disdain. If Inga and her employers are not in prison, Latvia's medical standards need tightening up.

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