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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


"The All-Clear"

Six years post diagnosis, London have discharged me from formal follow-up (though I'm going to go and see them once a year for an appointment to keep me in the system- I've dropped out of the system before, and know how hard it is to get back in) - so this is the "all clear".

Getting melanoma has changed my life, given me an acute awareness of my own mortality, and what is important to me. I have a new career, new hobbies, new friends, and in a way a new family. Many of my original family weren't up to the challenge of helping - I haven't seen my sisters since I was diagnosed. They "don't do cancer". Nice to have that option.

I have done cancer, and it has changed me, mostly for the better. Not that I'm a saint now, I was starting from a low baseline. LOL.

Dear Sean, It made me laugh out loud to read of your sisters "not doing cancer" - neither do mine apparently! I've come to the conclusion that this is why we have friends, to help us when our families are unable to understand what we are going through. I'd love to have that "gene" but obviously was absent on the day they were handed out. Good Luck, Ali. x
Thanks Ali,

you too. It's good to find out that you do have friends who are willing to suffer with you.
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