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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


A Message from Stupidsville

I received the following message from someone whose website describes her as a home-schooling mother:

"I was reading on the American Cancer Society about alkalizing and cancer. They stated that it was found to be of benefit to alkalize your body to inhibit cancer. My father in law started doing it 10 years ago and is 8 years past his death diagnoses for Multiple Myleloma. Why do you say it does not work? on Tullio Simoncini"

I get lots of these. I never publish them as comments because they have links in them to quack sites. This one is however extra-stupid. None of those vague and hard to disprove claims for this home-educator. I am not in a position to verify their anecdote, but I can fact-check the rest of it.

So does the American cancer society recommend alkalising your body? Here are their diet and exercise guidelines. No mention of alkaline diet there, or anywhere on their website. The internet is however full of quacks and their dupes claiming the ACS as the primary source for this nonsense - but it just isn't true.

In fact I didn't really need to check, as it can't be true, because the ACS employs scientists and doctors who know that there is no diet which can alkalise the body. Alkaline Diet is nonsense, and Tullio Simoncini is a convicted fraudster, barred from practising medicine after his conviction for the manslaughter of a patient in his "care".

There is no mention anywhere in the publications of the ACS or any other reputable body of a diet which can reverse cancer, these are the usual "healthy eating" guidelines intended to reduce the risk of cancer. There is in fact no diet known or even suspected of being able to reverse cancer of any kind, though the web is full of such nonsensical claims.

Alkaline, Budwig, Gerson, and the rest of the quack diets are promoted by scum who prey on cancer patients, and supported by muddle-headed fools who think we should treat all opinions as equal, whatever the supporting evidence.

Even after bottom-feeding vermin like Simoncini have been struck off, convicted as killers and fraudsters, morons stick up for them.

Why do I say it does not work? Leaving aside for a moment the fact that I am not obliged to disprove  false medical claims, but their proponents to prove them - try this list of a few of Simoncini's victims. It includes details of how much this killer charges the victims of his fraud.

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