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Saturday, 12 January 2013


Kitchen Spammers:SolidWoodKitchens and The Kitchen Gangster

Over on the melanoma patients board, many of the new people signing up on this site are spammers employed by kitchen companies. I ban at least one a day, sometimes six or seven.

The main one is "solid wood kitchens" who have lots of websites, for example - phone number 01512 032 895. I phoned them to ask them to stop, but if anything the volume of spam went up. A look at the web shows that this is usual. There is no point in calling to complain to these people.

However, the person registered as responsible for originally registering the the domain is:

Aftab Ali
Trading as:
Sizzle Media Ltd
Evans Business Centre
OL12 6XB
United Kingdom

Elsewhere on the 'net he admits he set it up but takes no responsibility, blaming search engine promotion companies overseas. Mr Ali claims that the real client is:

Laura Digweed
41 Duke Avenue
OL12 7HJ
United Kingdom

But sometimes Mr Ali has been shown as the registrant at this address - all very confusing.

The up-to date named contact is however M Leak - same Duke Avenue address. His website is at (If I were as rubbish as he seems to be at web design and wanted to sell myself as a web designer I'd have got someone else to design my personal site)

There are contact details if you follow the link - feel free to let him know how you feel about his activities.

Then there are the companies with various website and company names with phone numbers 01616694780 and 01416116995. Whilst they have similar tactics, they seem to be spammer/scammers of a different calibre entirely.

These numbers have been linked to "The Kitchen Gangster" Vance Miller, subject of a number of consumer TV, trading standards, and police investigations. He has convictions for kidnapping and affray, and is currently banned from being a UK company director.

A judge described him as “intelligent, cunning, manipulative but above all arrogant”. Probably not worth phoning him up then - best stick with the chumps from solid wood kitchens.

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I get a lot of kitchen spam messages that post phone numbers from all over Europe ....
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